About us

The Society for Cultural Studies in Finland was founded in 2008, but its activities date all the way back to its predecessor, the Network for Cultural Studies, founded in 1984. The Society’s aim is to promote multidisciplinary cultural studies in Finland and to function as a forum and a network for all academics in the field of Cultural Studies.

From the very beginning, the Society/Network has been active in publishing the Finnish quarterly on cultural studies, Kulttuurintutkimus. The Society also organizes the semi-annual International Summer School on Cultural Studies (was held in 2018) and the national Conference on Cultural Studies (Kulttuurintutkimuksen päivät, coming up in 2019), collaborating with different universities and scientific societies across Finland.

Anyone is eligible to become a member of the Society. If you wish to apply for membership, or subscribe to the Kulttuurintutkimus-magazine, please contact the Society’s secretary Maija Rämö by e-mail: sihteeri@kultut.fi.

The Society’s pages will soon be available in English in their entirety.


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