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18th Summer School of Cultural Studies

6–8 June 2012 University of Jyväskylä, Finland



The first day of the Summer School takes a Symposium form, and is dedicated to public lectures of the invited teachers and some other presenters, and in addition to its function in the Summer School it also features as a meeting for researchers and artists with an interest in these issues. The remaining two days concentrate on seminar work.

The seminar sessions are meant for post-graduate students whose work is related to the topic of the Summer School, while the adjoining lectures are open for everyone. The Summer School is free of charge. During seminar sessions, each paper will be allotted about one hour, out of which 10–15 minutes are reserved for the actual presentation. The teachers will be giving feedback on the papers, but peer discussion is emphasized.

This year’s Summer School includes a participation fee, which is 90 euros per person. Fee covers coffee/tea and snacks during the seminar. Further advice concerning the payment of the participation fee will be sent to those to be accepted in the Summer School.

The language of the Summer School is English. Please note that attendance is required throughout the Summer School.

The Summer School is part of the activities of the Society for Cultural Studies in Finland. It is organized by the Research Centre for Contemporary Culture and the Department of Art and Culture Studies at the University of Jyväskylä. The organizers thankfully acknowledge the support of the Department.


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